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Nov 4, 2013 11:00am PST
. joining us now jeff lerman. but jeff you are an attorney. give us a little background. >> i do transactions and litigations so whether a deal is coming together are falling apart that's what i usually get contacted by the client. we try to help them stay out of trouble. >>rob black: we are going to talk about warning signs that may be occurring that ultimately lead to you and your partner in a lawsuit. what sort of partnership are we talking about here? >> well whether it's a real estate or a business partnership it applies. i think partnerships. we talk about partnerships it can be a corp, a limited partnership or n l l c. i think partnerships are a great way to grow your business but like any relationship partners can disagree so it's important to understand what the warning signs are if you're headed for a serious dispute with your partner so you can avoid the disputed stay out of court. >>rob black: i think all small businesses and relationships ultimately and and most people don't have a plan for it. the beatles came to an end and they did not have a plan on how to do it r
Nov 11, 2013 11:00am PST
insurance doesn't happen to be there for us. >> now, aging's tough on the teeth. when you're working at ibm, working at ciscoe, probably have a pretty good healthcare plan. you're getting your cleanings. but there's a transition to medicare. what happens after you retire when you're no longer in the plan from the work that you've done your whole career? what do we need to know about what medicare looks like indental work? >> the problem with the medicare world is dentistry is not included in that. so most people, if you can't get a group plan from your work, where you're working at the present, in retirement, you're forced to get an individual plan. that tends to have coverage all over the board. the one general rule that tends to be lower than what you have now. >> i'm going to ask you about orthodontics and teenagers. back when i was a kid, it was a frightening experience. you brought up orthodontics and senior citizens. tell us about that. >> orthodontics can be a great solution for preventive care. when you have teeth that are crooked and hard to access with your cleaning tools, they ca
Nov 18, 2013 11:00am PST
financial. joining us right now is mark dannon. >> first, let's talk about the headlines. >> let's talk about the report just came out about homes sustained low. do we worry? >> you want the home builders to be excited. when they are excited and they do permits. permits are a sign that they will hire blue- collar people. this boost the economy and people can pay their bills. homebuilders are always excited period. this is how theo business. my biggest concern mark, more and more we are talking about money bills that are tried to buy a home. >> my answer, it is not good for young people out there. >> there are buying a lot a place stations. the ps for just came out and they sold a lot of them over the first week. >> this is still good for something? >> it is good for something that they got their new product out there. also it is a sad part bread it is good for games. it is good for . at some point in time that leads us to the game stopped, best buy or amazon. the downside is that tablets are eating into the market. to appoint that consoles will be over. >> i am not quite there. it is a
Nov 25, 2013 11:00am PST
used that mediator when i went to my divorce. i have always been fond of what should do. >> getting angry does not solve an ending. you cannot hide anything from the mediator. they're born to ligature finance does and you do not have tub worry about--are really endorse mediators. >> how much does this cost? >> obviously it depends on the situation if you have any children, assets, that spreadebt. mlb between 500 some of and dollars. but typically we see cases that are more complex, there all financial issues and sometimes we have amounts that are healthy. we have offer runs the people that come man or child development experts. you can imagine if their resources are there and that kind of support is needed to the process then we can bring this all men but it will be more expense of. >> it is always realistically i have never had a case that was close to a litigated case, those can be opened at $800,000 in sampras's corporate >> and real quick, divorce is a emotional. how much is it for you to get people come down? >> that is a good question, as a mediator are indicting people throug
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4